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About Us

At Southwest Kingston University (SKU), the students receive more value for their investment. SKU has 10 + years of experience in health related higher education and 15 + years in healthcare delivery. Presently, SKU is graced with the opportunity to enlist the assistance of a Board of Trustees (BOT) in which the members have been a part of a Board for ten years. SKU has relationships with two other Universities at which our Board members also serve.

The mission of SKU is to discover, integrate, and provide professional and academic programs of excellence to individuals, to maximize their educational experience and to enhance their intellectual and career development in a global environment.

SKU is a leader in higher education. Several of our BOT members serve on multiple boards ranging from educational to hospital boards, ensuring that SKU has the most current and outstanding courses, professors, students, and innovations. Our Board members have influenced the lives of many patients, parents, and students with their dedication to excellence. Our Board members are always researching and applying their findings into the lives of the medical students, patients, and staff. SKU takes great pride in being at the forefront of finding innovative ways to bring education to the student to minimize disruption to the students, and their already busy lives.

We provide you with not only a degree, but an educational experience that will enrich your life and provide memories to last a lifetime.

Southwest Kingston University has a partner university in which not only our professors, but several of our BOT members are also a part of. This is an already well established Medical University.

International American University - College of Medicine (IAU)

Founded in 2003, International American University College of Medicine (IAU) is located in the heart of the Caribbean Islands, in the southern district (Vieux Fort) of St. Lucia, West Indies (W.I.). The University is chartered and authorized by the Government of St Lucia to confer various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees including the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. IAU offers a state of the art curriculum in medical education, using the latest technology and teaching methods. It is based on the U.S. model and is delivered by a team of expert faculty. Every medical school has its own unique characteristics, a distinct personality, and goals for the future. IAU’s mission is to provide quality medical education to capable and highly motivated individuals who want to pursue a medical career. Through numerous collaborations with health care organizations, academic medical institutions, and other key stakeholders, IAU has played a major role in the development of the health and education infrastructure in St. Lucia and has provided training and education for hundreds of health care professionals and students around the world.

The IAU team brings together a diversity of knowledge and experience from every corner of the health care industry. The senior leadership group includes members from the US and Canadian medical education fields and healthcare systems. IAU has a full-time staff that consists of experienced professionals from the fields of medicine, education, research, medical planning, health information technology, business strategy development, leadership, and management. IAU services and programs continue to draw upon the expertise of their faculty and staff across the medical school, and at all of their affiliated teaching hospitals and institutes.

For more information about IAU please visit their website.