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President's Welcome

Welcome to Southwest Kingston University (SKU)-a purpose driven university committed to academic excellence and service to the community. There has never been a better time to be part of our University. We invite you to join our diverse population of students, faculty, staff, stake holders, and community members in journeying into education with us.

We firmly believe we learn some of life's most important lessons from each other. The more varied the perspectives represented, the richer our education. Our differences-whether they be-the academic questions that engage us, age, economic background, gender, or race, to name just a few-bring a buoyancy to our community and help create the intellectual vitality that distinguishes SKU from all others. The University values diversity and we ask the student body to learn from it. The University's primary academic commitment-our mission-ensures that students receive personal attention from their professors, encounter the world’s diverse cultural resources, and experience intellectual and emotional support.

Highly dedicated and hard working, our distinguished faculty and staff are committed to making important impacts in a world in need of social change, education, healthcare, and economic development. We must always be vigilant about recruiting and retaining the best students and staff and the finest faculty-individuals of all backgrounds and experiences-so that they may further enrich the fabric of this university.

We invite you to join us on our journey of investigation, discovery, and action to build a community of friends and alumni that reaches around the world from the virtual campus of Southwest Kingston University.


Manmadhan Nair
Southwest Kingston University