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The SKU Advantage

As a working student at Southwest Kingston University (SKU), we know that you are balancing the demands of your family, work, and a quality education. From the day of enrollment to the day of your graduation, we help you achieve success. Our outstanding administrative services, innovative technology medium, and highly qualified faculty will make an unmistakable difference in your academic journey.

Our degree programs are developed by our Academic Council and a team of experts in the field who define the course material and competencies required to graduate. At the end of each program, you will have acquired the essential skills needed to start, or expand on, a highly professional, confident, and competent healthcare career.

Innovative Learning Methods - SKU utilizes innovative learning methods ranging from practical curricula that emphasizes topics of study using a top-notch online learning medium, to several exceptional methods of student-faculty interaction.

Effective Programs - SKU offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. You will have a variety of educational choices and continued career planning support as you grow your knowledge with our expanding academic programs.

Affordability - Our degree programs are very affordable compared to other universities offering online or classroom courses in similar areas of study. We understand the challenges in managing educational expenses for many working adults and have come up with several payment plans and scholarships to support your educational and financial needs.

Convenience - SKU offers you the convenience of beginning your degree program at multiple times during the year and studying online in the comfort of your home or wherever you have internet access. You will be learning using a rich online medium, with several avenues of interaction with faculty members, as well as with other students.

Quality - At SKU, you will be learning from faculty members who have both practical and academic experience. This characteristic ensures that students will be able to apply classroom learning directly into their career paths. We also review and update the curricula every year to keep up with the newest trends in the program of study and technology.