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Student Services

At Southwest Kingston University (SKU) we put our students first by offering outstanding student services in addition to affordable, accessible educational options. Attending an online University does not mean that each student is on his/her own, or that there is no interaction between students, faculty, and staff. It simply means that students do not have to interrupt their already busy schedules and commute to a brick and mortar campus at a set time—a time that may not be convenient at all!

We still have wonderful student services to offer. Such as:

  • An online bookstore
  • Student Advisers
  • A library resource center
  • Technical Support

SKU E-Campus

Southwest Kingston University offers flexible online programs for students to earn degree on their schedule. Students can rise early to participate in class room discussions, log on and read materials during your lunch hour, or respond to questions at night, depending on their schedules.

All our online degree programs are available every day, every hour, during the semester that the courses are offered. These courses are delivered using the latest internet technology to provide dynamic, interactive learning environments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll never miss a class when the course comes to you on your desktop.

We provide a lot of tools to support your individual learning styles including - e-mail, chat rooms, bulletin boards, group discussions, online lectures, quizzes, and exams. These tools will create a strong sense of community within your online classes.