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Library Resource Center

All undergraduate and graduate students at Southwest Kingston University (SKU) have access to a virtual library. SKU subscribes to the Library & Information Resource Network (LIRN) offering ProQuest and Gale Cengage resources, and many other online resources including EBSCO’s Academic Search PremierPubmedand Medline with full text options available. The University Library offers students the ability to print, e-mail, or download most materials to their computers so they can use the resources online or offline.


Student Portal


Southwest Kingston University offers various online communities and portal to interact with fellow students. Students will participate in class room discussions, chat rooms, blogs, whiteboard sessions, and respond to other students on their schedules.

Our portal using the latest internet technology will provide a dynamic, interactive learning environments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you and your fellow students. The online portal and tools will create a strong sense of community within your online classes.